One of the main focuses of our work is supporting the education of disadvantaged children, by taking care of their expenses, right from primary to college level. We currently support 367 children in this way in three places in the Nilgiris: Ootacamund, Kotagiri and Ponnani in Gudalar.

The children we help are either orphans, or come from families that can no longer support them, due to severe financial or health difficulties. We do not focus on any one caste, religion or ethnic background. We just focus on young children who need our help.

We provide uniforms, note books and shoes and pay their school fees. We also encourage them to attend a monthly 'sponsor meeting' with a representative at Smyrna Home, where we discuss their academic progress and personal needs. For some children, whose families are in dire need, we are able to give a little extra help, such as providing food parcels or medical aid.

Our aim is to ensure that children become independent and self-sufficient. For some children, college is not an appropriate choice, and so for them, we work with dedicated NGOs to provide technical training that opens up job opportunities.

We are constantly looking for more sponsor parents to join us in providing a better future for the young children. If you are interested in sponsoring a child, or would like to know more, please click here

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