Future Plans

Smyrna is a busy, enterprising community and we are always looking to improve and develop our work. To create ecological awareness and to show the preciousness of nature to the children we care for and to all our visitors at Smyrna, we have a few projects that we would like to start in the near future. If you are interested in any of these projects, we would welcome your input and support:

  • To install solar lights and solar panels in our working areas to save power and teach the next generation about alternative energy solutions.

    So far we have installed three solar street lights in our campus and want to install another ten. We would like to install a large number of solar panels that can be connected to all our lighting and computers. We also have solar water heaters for our Smyrna shelter and Smyrna Girls Hostel and would like to extend these facilities to other departments. In addition, we would like to find out the possibility of installing wind turbines to generate power.

  • To use rain water across our campus.
    We have the biggest rain harvest system in the area with a capacity of more than 35,000Lts of rain water, and we would like to build more rain harvest storage tanks on our campus.
  • To preserve 15 rare varieties of trees and plants on our premises (identified by the Botanical survey of India), and also to create environmental awareness among our children and visitors by displaying the names and other relevant details of these plants and trees.
  • To make a herbal garden that will be very useful for our own use and to sell at the market.
  • To build low cost houses for the poor.co

    In the past few years many of our well-wishers have come forward to sponsor houses for deserved families, and so far we have built more than 500 new homes. Now we want to use the latest ideas, as rammed earth and other building concepts, to build more houses for the needy.

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