Rehabilitation Centre

At Smyrna Home, our centrepiece is the New World Centre, a rehabilitation centre for disabled children and adults, dedicated to improving their health and quality of life.

The centre specializes in the physical rehabilitation of people who suffer from disabling physical illnesses, or injury and pain and who cannot afford to seek appropriate treatment themselves. The impairments we help with are wide-ranging and include cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, motor neuron diseases, polio, amputations, stroke, spinal cord injuries, mental retardation and chronic pain.

Rehabilitation is a continuous and expensive process and the centre is committed to providing innovative care that focuses on the physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs of our patients.

Our work is made possible by our expert team of physicians, physiotherapists, special educators, trained staff and volunteers. The centre is also well-equipped with rehabilitation aids and the latest pain relief technology. A unique feature is the many mothers of disabled children who are also trained to help in the centre, and employed in various departments on our Smyrna campus, to ensure that they are also empowered to lead more fulfilling lives.

At present 40 children are being treated here, and our current focus is to raise funds to expand and start a vocational training centre that will train the people in our care with employable skills.

The New World Centre aims to provide rehabilitation and skills to disabled people to maximize their potential and bring hope and happiness to their lives. You can be part of this noble service by sponsoring medicines or treatment for those in need.

Our center is registered with Government under Section 52 of The Persons Disabilities Act 1995 by PS/State Commissioner for the Disabled.

To help us, or for more information on the centre, please call us or mail us.

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