Smyrna Campus Projects

The Smyrna Home operates on a 6.5 acre campus in the hills over-looking Ooty. From here we undertake a number of initiatives that provide employment and skills for local people and run social businesses that provide a small income to support all aspects of the work undertaken by the Smyrna Fellowship Trust.

Smyrna knitting
This was one of the first projects of Smyrna. It started almost 15 years ago with the aim of providing employment to abandoned widows and single women. Most of the women are retired now, and we currently operate a small professional team. They make a range of sweaters for all, including school children and some of the Smyrna 'sponsored children'.

Smyrna Bakery
Smyrna has a small baking unit that makes biscuits and treats using Swedish recipes, which have a distinct taste. These delicacies are eagerly sought after by our many customers in town, and by local schools in particular We have recently added buns and breads to our menu.

Smyrna Aquarium
During the days when leprosy patients were treated at Smyrna, a fish tank full of colorful fish was built to cheer up the patients. Once leprosy was eradicated, the fish tank took on a new life as the inspiration for a new business for our trust, leading us to establish the 'Smyrna Aquarium'. We now make and sell fish tanks of all sizes and shapes to local businesses in Ooty, along with undertaking their maintenance. We sell a good range of fish, and visitors to Smyrna particularly enjoy a visit to the aquarium.

Smyrna Horticulture
There are two poly tents on our campus, which provide ample spaces to grow vegetables for our own consumption while a small nursery provides decorative plants that are much sought after by many of our guests.

In addition to these we have three acres of tea plants on the campus. We seek to improve the quality of our products every year.

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