Social Projects for Elders

There are a number of social projects undertaken by Smyrna that operate on our campus and within our local communities. These are funded by various friends of Smyrna, by sponsors and through some of the money raised by projects we operate on our Smyrna campus.

  • You can be a part of these social projects.
  • If you are interested in this, please contact us or call / mail us!

Smyrna Shelter (Home for the Aged)

In this fast-paced, modern world, neglecting elderly women seems to be one of the prevailing, common evils. To counter this problem, the Smyrna Shelter was established ten years ago as a 'Home for the Aged'. At present, we have five women in the Shelter, who have all been abandoned by their families. They are loved and accepted by the Smyrna community and are content living in the beautiful, natural environment here, where we look after their health and nutrition and provide medical assistance when needed. They involve themselves in many activities on the campus, and the buoyant routine helps them to forget their past and think about a positive future.

Smyrna social (Help for the Aged)

Providing a hot lunch not only in the in the cold climes,but almost throughout the year of Ooty to the poor, elderly people in our nearby communities is another way we can offer help. One day every week, mostly on all Thursdays we provide this service to around fifty older people from various areas in and around Ooty. These people live far below the poverty line, and include street dwellers and rag-pickers.

Each person attending this session is usually also offered a counseling session or prayer before they are given a wholesome meal. In addition, they are provided with a monthly ration parcel and during the Christmas season, they are gifted with a new set of clothes and a special Christmas lunch. Medical and social assistance is also extended to them, when necessary.

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