Social Projects for Students

Smyrna Girls Hostel
This hostel was started on our Smyrna campus eight years back to provide a boarding facility for poor, adolescent girls. These girls drawn from rural areas in the Nilgiris, now study at the well known Gell Memorial Girls Higher Secondary School, Ooty.

But without the 'Smyrna Girls Hostel, they would not have been able to continue their studies. Presently, we have 24 girls in our hostel, aged between 12 and 17 years. Notably some of the girls are from the Toda and Irula tribes of the Nilgiris.

Dire family situations, severe poverty, or the sudden demise of a parent are some of the circumstances experienced by these girls. The hostel provides them with a’ home that not only caters to their basic needs, but also provides support and the confidence to be successful in their future lives.

The Smyrna Girls Hostel is registered under the JJ Act of the Tamil Nadu Government.

Smyrna social helps

At the beginning of every academic year, Smyrna provides a 'One-time Help' program to poor students in Ooty and the nearby villages. They are given assistance in their education, including school fees, uniforms, notebooks and stationery.

In addition to this, we provide other forms of social help for the community. We are doing our best to counsel the poor and needy who approach Smyrna for their various needs.

On the third Saturday of each month we open the Smyrna campus to anyone in need of medical help and offer free consultations with a noted neurologist from Coimbatore.

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