Vocational Courses

The rural areas in and around Smyrna are home to many poor workers and farmers. Their children find it virtually impossible to enroll in the mainstream computer and other technical education courses, due to travel and financial constraints. To help such children, Smyrna plans to start a vocational training centre in various disciplines. We plan to partner with universities who have these programmes and curriculum.

An occupational therapy center:

We also have plans for a program for differently-abled children, to motivate them and give them skills using their talents, hence boosting their self confidence. We would like to develop an occupational therapy center exclusively for this purpose.

If you would like to help, please do get in touch with us.

We have a very beautiful campus with an amazing variety of vegetation. The Botanical Survey of India identified fifteen rare varieties of trees and plants on our campus. We would like to highlight these for the benefit of our guests and visitors.

There are plans also for a Herbal Garden with typical Nilgiri medicinal plants that would be for Smyrna use and for sale in the local market.

Over the past years, many of our well-wishers have come forward to sponsor houses for deserving families, and so far we have built more than 500 new homes.

We have additional plans now to use the latest ideas, such as the rammed earth and other building concepts, to build more houses for the needy.

You can support these projects with your ideas, expertise and financial support.

Thanks for your support.

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