The multi media studio was inaugurated by Mr.Karthika Rajkumar,in the presence of Managing Trustee Mr. Samuel Prabhakar and our staff at Smyrna campus on 23.09.2021. Mr.Karthika RajKumar was a trustee and C0-ordinator for us for 20 years. He is also a renowned writer in the Tamil language. He had written many novels, short stories and poems. His life’s work was prescribed in Madurai Kamaraj University which is a truly remarkable achievement. Recently he has complied 50 short stories of famous Tamil writers along with his friend Mr. Trichy Syed which is titled “Mantil Manitham” about simple people and even animals show tremendous courage and good will. The proceeds of the books were given to Smyrna. He also gave inaugural speech on our You tube channel which was also inaugurated on the occasion.

Thiru. Karthika Rajkumar

The multimedia studio was started with the aim to share our mission and our vision to our well-wishers and the community. We are also using it as a platform to bring out the talents and stories from our staff, sponsor children and our people alike, We also encourage volunteers from our community and beyond to create content for us to be showcased on our Smyrna studio and enrich the community. Please do follow us on YouTube to Know more, Links are mentioned below. We hope to bring out the essence of Smyrna and Make a Difference.

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