We have been working with Mr. Caleb who is our resource person and social worker who helps the people in the areas of Pillur Dam and Barlikadu, So This cricket tournament was conducted by the STF (Special task force) and Youth of Barlikadu in coalition with the Forest Department . Many teams participated , Finals were fought between the teams : “11 star” from Pachamarathur team vs Pudukadu team, The Pachamarathur team finally won the tournament. The trophy was given by Y John family in the memory of the late Y John. The food was provided by STF team under guidance of Chief Guest Mr. John . Also Stephen Nathaniel had provided Provisions to 2 villages for 43 families . The chief guests were the STF team head John , Stephen Nathaniel , Lalitha Nathaniel and Issac Nathaniel.

We would like to give you a glimpse of the celebrations conducted by the forest department and the sports competitions they conducted for the youth of the community to uplift them , Here are some of the pictures which were taken in the event.

A small speech given by the Chief Guest Mr. John STF inspector and head on upliftment of the youth

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