Farewell To Our Out-Going Sponsor Children

On August 4th 2022 , We had conducted a farewell meeting for our beloved Sponsor Children, who have graduated from various Colleges . They have all gathered on the day to give their thanks to the institution and wrote their heartfelt wishes to their beloved Sponsors who have helped them to complete their education . The meeting was attended by our Guest of Honour Mr. Yoga(cinematographer) , our Managing Trustee Mr. Samuel Prabhakar and our Manager Mr. Gladson Devaraj. The children were given thoughts and ideas from the resource person on how to lead a successful life. They also shared their experiences and many career guidance on how to go forward in their lives after their graduation.

Our Manager started off the meeting greeting our Beloved Sponsor children and sharing some success stories of past students to encourage and motivate them for the upcoming future. He shared on teaching opportunities in international school education system.

Our Managing Trustee giving the students career guidance on job opportunities and about startups and also sharing his experience with them on how to lead their lives after their education and how to become a successful person in the long run.

Our Guest Mr.Yoga had also gave an introduction to Cinema and photography. He shared his views on exposure into the opportunities in film and media. He comes from an experienced background in the field of Photography and Cinema Industry.

Group Photos & Distribution Of Bags

Some Thank You Letters From the Children

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