One of the main focuses of our work is supporting the education of disadvantaged children, by taking care of their expenses, right from primary to college level, and help in  securing jobs and job-oriented training — all of which has been happening from  1985.  Currently we support more than 500 children in the regions of Ooty and other regions of Nilgiris district.

The children we help are either orphans, children of single parents, children of deceased parents, tribal children or are from families that can no longer support them, due to severe financial and health difficulties. We do not focus on any one caste or religion or ethnic background, But help any child in need and provide them with what we can, thus ensuring them a bright future. We provide uniforms, note books, shoes and pay their school fees. We also encourage them to attend a monthly “sponsor meet” with the staff of the Smyrna Sponsor Department, and also a resource person. We discuss their circumstances and provide counselling in academics  and other personal areas of need. For some children, whose families are in dire situations we repair their houses, provide electricity, water and sanitation. We help them with accommodation in their school hostels and  provide for their food and medical expenses. We also provide Career guidance and character building classes with the help of various resource persons after they finish their studies. Our aim is to ensure that the children become independent and self-sufficient. We are constantly looking for more sponsor parents to join us in providing a better future for our young children.Recently a couple from Bangalore have sponsored 3 girls who were deserving, they are in 3rd Class, 8th class and 1oth class.

If you are interested please do share your details below.

You can contact us by calling us @ +91 9488075770

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