There are a number of social projects undertaken by Smyrna Ooty that operate in the campus and within our local communities. These are funded by various friends of Smyrna, by sponsors and through some of the money raised by the projects we operate in our Smyrna campus.

You can be a part of these projects as well! If you are interested, please contact us by signing up below so that we can get in touch with you.


In this fast-paced modern world, neglecting elderly women seems to be one of the prevailing problems which our community has been particularly facing. In order to counter this problem, the Smyrna Shelter was established 10 years ago, as the “Home for the Aged”. At present due to Covid -19 we have taken in 5 women , who are old and disabled and abandoned by their families. They are loved and well taken care of in the Smyrna community and are enjoying the flora and fauna of our beautiful campus. We look after their health as well – they have been vaccinated against Covid-19.  We also have seen that they are so energetic that they have started to take up their own activities in the campus like bag- making and crocheting. This has truly helped them to forget about their past and live a peaceful life in the present and in the future


In the past we used to provide hot lunches for the aged as well as the children who were residing in the hostel. But due to the pandemic and schools and  hostels closing, we have started giving out provisions to the people as well the ones who are affected by Covid 19. As of now more than 1000 parcels have been given to various areas in and around the Nilgris district and in neighboring ones as well, We have our sister projects in Kotagiri and Ponnani where we have also helped the people residing there with whatever aid they need to survive this pandemic.

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