Smyrna Fellowship trust Ooty operates on a 6. 5 acre campus in the hills over looking Ooty. In and around the campus we undertake a number of initiatives that provide employment and skills for the local people as well as the families staying in the campus of Smyrna. We have also many experts from many social businesses who have tied up with us and are using the land on rent to generate a small income to support all the aspects of the work undertaken by the Smyrna Fellowship Trust.


This was one of the earliest projects of Smyrna, which was started almost 15 years ago with the aim of providing employment to the abandoned widows and single women. Most of the women are also retired now, and we are currently operate with a professional team who are providing classes and also placement for the students who join the classes. They make a wide range of clothes from sweaters to shawls , etc.


Smyrna has a small baking unit that bakes buns, bread and decorative cakes, We also make biscuits and other confectionary items. Most of the dishes are prepared using Swedish Recipes which was passed down from the founder herself and has a very tasty distinct taste to it. these delicacies are very sought after in most of the confectionary stores in and around Ooty town as well as our valuable well-wishers, promoters and customers alike.

The introduction of new recipes in our bakery, like burgers, sandwiches, pizza, rolls, buns, tiramisu cakes and buns stuffed with veg, butter, cream etc, attracts locals.  Today we are supplying to more than 20 shops.  We planning to expand this unit in response to the ever-increasing demand.


We have 2 poly tents in our campus which is providing ample space to grow vegetables and many decorative plants which is sought after in the hearts and minds of the towns folk. We have recently started a project to cultivate NABILA-STRAWBERRY PLANT.