Our organization Smyrna is a very versatile, busy and enterprising community and we are always looking to improve and develop our work. To create ecological awareness and to show the preciousness of the flora and fauna to the children. We deeply care about our people and all our visitors who come in either to help or be helped, We are striving to increase our reach and capacity to be able to increase the standard for all our staff and volunteers and the only way we can do that is by creating opportunities and exploring new avenues in the future, Therefore if you are interested , we would like your inputs and support for the initiative’s :_

To install solar lights and solar panels in our working areas to save power and to conserve our fossil fuels and teach the upcoming generation about renewable energy solution.

So for we have been able to install 5 solar lights in our campus and want to definitely make that 10. We would like to also install solar panels that can be connected to all our lighting and computers. We also have installed solar water heaters for our Smyrna Shelter and Smyrna Girls Hospital which has been shut down ever since COVID-19 had come last year. In the future we would also like to include other departments for this project to save more resources as well our homestay where the highest maintenance cost are seen on a regular basis. We also want to use turbine energy and bio gas emitters to also create fuel and electricity and we need some help to do them in the future.

To use rain water across the campus.

We have the largest rain water harvesting system in the area with a capacity of more than 35,000ltrs and we would love to see the capacity increase to fuel our garden as well as organic farming projects.

To preserve the 15 varieties of trees and plants on our campus ( recognized by the Botanical survey of India) and also create environmental awraeness among our children and visitors alike by displaying the name as=nd we also strive in growing, maintaining the ecosystem in the campus.

To make a herbel garden and a chain of organically grown vegetables and fruits and other useful plants and trees to foster to a healthy community.

To build low cost housing for the homeless and the families affected by natural and unnatural calamities.

In the past few years many of our well-wishers and friends have come forward to build sponsor houses for the deserving families and so far we have built more than 500 such houses, We have also undertaken house repair projects in the same as well as providing proper water and electricity provisions for these families. Now with the help of technology and advancement , We have started applying rammed earth techniques to build the houses as this is a very cost effective method to build more houses effectively.