New world is an extension of Smyrna Fellowship Trust for rehabilitation and one of the most fully equipped center in the District of Nilgiris. The center functions mostly for the poor and down-trodden people. The center is dedicated to improve the health, quality of life and to aid in reducing the pain with most advanced equipment. The center is specialized in physical rehabilitation of people who suffer from disabilities and pain. It concentrates mostly on neurological issues along with Cardiac and Orthopedic issues. The center was first started for the differently abled children who were locked up in the roofs of the houses as the parents had to go out to work for safety reasons. As a result the children became depressed and many of them not been trained to use their motor skills were dependent for most of their basic needs.


Rehabilitation is a continuous process and the center is committed to provide physical, psychological, social and economical needs of the patient. We treat patients varying from birth till old age. On average 40 patients are treated every year. The center spends Rs,1000 per patient for food, treatment and transport.

We provide medical help by consulting specialist doctors and we also distribute free medicines.

Dr.Ramadass. MD. DM

Consultant Neurologist

We provide educational support to help the young patients to cope up and become independent. Not only that, we also give vocational training to help them. We also provide help for surgeries and post surgery rehabilitation. We are spending more than Rs.14,000 per month for supplying free medicines to support the needy.

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Free Transport is provided for the patients who come regularly to our center and who don’t have the means to travel.


Hippotherapy is an intervention used by a physical therapist, recreational therapist, occupational therapist, or speech and language pathologist. The movement of the horse affects a rider’s posture, balance, coordination, strength and sensorimotor systems. It is thought that the warmth and shape of the horse and its rhythmic, three-dimensional movement along with the rider’s interactions with the horse and responses to the movement of the horse can improve the flexibility, posture, balance and mobility of the rider. These therapy sessions can also include improvements in speech as well. Learning to use verbal cues for the horse, and to speak with the therapist is key to practicing use of speech. It differs from therapeutic horseback riding because it is one treatment strategy used by a licensed physical therapist, occupational therapist, or speech and language pathologists. They guide the rider’s posture and actions while the horse is controlled by a horse handler at the direction of the therapist. The therapist guides both the rider and horse to encourage specific motor and sensory inputs. Therapists develop plans to address specific limitations and disabilities such as neuromuscular disorders, walking ability, or general motor function.

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