Smyrna Fellowship Trust has undertaken many projects like house construction, house repair and roof building for the people of the Nigiris for those who have lost them due to natural and un-natural causes, Many of these people are from the lower strata of society and were unable to reconstruct their houses by themselves.

This lady in the picture is Nazareth and is one of our social beneficiaries who has been getting help from us for many years. She used to come every week to attend our Thursday Social Meal Initiative which is a mission started by the Smyrna to feed the poor elderly people, Once in every month she used to visit us to get a bag of provisions which was another initiative taken up by the Smyrna Fellowship Trust, She lives in the Jallikulli area of Ooty town and this area had been severely affected by floods, She was also deserted by her four Sons and she lives alone and there was no one to take of her.

When the founder trustee Margit visited Smyrna during her previous visit, the lady appealed for house repair along with other deserving beneficiaries. From Sweden the founder trustee sent help to 30 beneficiaries for their house repair and roof building, This lady was fortunate to get her house repaired and she was overjoyed after the repair work was done , She immensely thanked our founder trustee for her help.

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