The Bakery was started in 1989 by the founder Trustee Margit Steffanson to give employment to the deserted poor women by using her traditional family Swedish Recipe. At that time they used to make 5 kinds of Cookies like Ginger, Vanilla, Jam, Cashew, Chocolate and even Marshmallows. Slowly, They started making Buns after some time, Then five years ago, An English couple David and Jillana Hines and they introduced new varieties of Cookies, Burgers, Chocolate pie, Sweet popcorn, Cinnamon rolls, and many more confectionary items. These items were also given to homestay guests and was supplied to local markets and Hebron School. Due to Covid-19 which struck in 2020, we had got a professional baker to train the staff to make homemade chocolate, varieties of Pizza, Bread and Bun and cream buns.

Everyday we are able to employ 6 people in the bakery and also supply cream buns, cookies and bread to more than 15 shops and local markets in and around Ooty. We hope to employ more people and to add a new rotary oven. If you wish to support us please fill the contact form or you can reach out to us through our mailing id which is